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Hospital Solutions
High Performance Solutions that
Pull Costs Out of Healthcare.

In a changing healthcare landscape that relies on cost containment, you need affordable, high-resolution imaging solutions that meet your needs. iCRco provides those solutions. We offer diverse modalities and image management software scalable to fit your care delivery system. Our support staff is committed to your success.

Orthopaedic Solutions
Advanced Imaging Technology that
delivers the right information.

We understand that informed decisions in early diagnosis and treatment planning are critical to your practice. iCRco is committed to precise imaging of anatomic structures and developing advanced measurement tools. Through our diverse portfolio of modalities and image management solutions, iCRco can assist you in better patient outcomes.

Imaging Center Solutions
Increasing Patient Flow with smarter
processes and reliable technology.

Getting you the right result from your imaging systems is our primary objective. We deploy solutions that fit within the existing structure of your organization and we can assist you with process improvement. We also offer robust practice management solutions that will provide you an easier way to run your center.

Women's Healthcare Solutions
Precision Mammography Imaging
to live healthier lives.

We are committed to advancing women's healthcare with better accuracy in breast cancer detection and cutting edge technology to support more informed diagnosis. We empower woman's health professionals with ultra-high resolution solutions so they can provide the most accurate care.

Veterinary Solutions
Providing the Right Technology
when it matters most.

Animal healthcare has always been important focus for iCRco. We continue to develop and further our veterinary and equine imaging solutions to achieve more accurate results and earlier diagnosis. We offer lightweight, robust, portable that provide you the image quality you need.

General Practice Solutions
Stable Solutions that support
your practice.

Providing better patient care has always been a prime focus for iCRco. We've optimized our solutions for rugged reliability and quality sustainability. We offer a diverse portfolio of hardware and software packages to ensure your uptime is at its best. Look to iCRco to guide you towards proven solutions so you can focus on your patients.